Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gearing in Dragon Soul patch 4.3

Since patch 4.3 and my return, I have found gearing to be extraordinary easy and quick. In four days of playing the new dungeons, I have shot from a 353 item level to 370, getting both my tank set drops and my dps set drops. Of course at the time I am queing as DPS, even though it rewards less, getting familiar with the dungeons is how I prepare for my tanking. Surprisingly have not grouped once with a DK, and had only two or three dungeon members quit half way through a dungeon.

For reference of Guides to the new dungeons, check out MMO Melting Pot. I visit here daily for the reading material and the strats they use. Check it out, I guarantee a disappointment-free experience.

Onto a relative point for gearing and raiding, and maybe this is just a gripe I have with my server... where are all the raid groups? My trade channel felt empty last night on Tuesday. Normally the Tuesday lockout refresh has the chat channels buzzing. Now maybe, and this may just be me, but since the Looking For Raid (LFR) tool was implemented, people are not PUG'ing as much through the chat channels.

Back to the point at hand, Gearing... okay, so Heroic Dungeons for Cataclysm's 4.3 patch are super simple. They have very basic strategies. Using Atlas Loot Enhanced I find what each boss drops that I need and hope they fall. I thought I'd be beating a dead horse doing randoms for months but other than doing them for Justice Points for little upgrades until I start raiding. I have a feeling once you jump into Dragon Soul, the LFD tool will only be used for Valor Points to meet the 1000 Point Cap.

Definitely check out the three new Heroic Dungeons, short descriptions below on the dungeons for first time players.

End of Time:  This dungeon has three bosses, all self explanatory or easy to catch on to. The first encounter is a random boss; Jaina, Tyrana, Baine, and Syvanas are the possible encounters. Last boss is Murozond, a dragon whom the party must defeat using an hourglass system. One person dedicated to the hour glass, the others doing their assigned jobs. Tank should turn Murozond so his side is facing the party, and the group will attack from the side(s), never from front or back. Make sure to watch for AoE damage from Murozond, and use Hourglasses when health is low or AoE is everywhere. You have five hourglass charges, which is plenty enough if geared appropriately.

Well of Eternity: Another self explanatory dungeon, follow group, wipe trash on the way to bosses. Three bosses here. Petroth'arn is first, stay out of his AoE damage spells and watch out for ground damage mechanics (better known as GTFO for tanks). Second boss is Queen Ashzara, she will have six mobs, which attach two at a time, first two from the middle, then the following two, and the last two. She will cast Total Obedience which can be interrupted, and has the effect to take control of a party member and have him fight the party (like a puppet master effect). Kill the puppet hand above the effect if the Interrupt is not blocked. When you kill her mobs, she is done, and a chest drops for loot.

Third boss is Captain Varo'then and Mannoroth, which has two phases and have mild differences. First phase you attack Captain Varo'then, sent by Mannoroth to stop you and the party, and must defeat him while watching out for Fel Firestorm (yellow/green acid) that Murozund rains down around Captain Varo'then. Some trash will spawn, and as long as you are following your party it should be easy to clear. Second phase, after Captain Varo'then is downed, attack Mannoroth and watch for Fel Firestorm rain again, stay out of the yellow/green acid and at about 20% health the encounter ends when the portal is disrupted.

Hour of Twilight: For this one I will leave it up to MMO Melting Pot as they have a great simple guide here CLICK HERE FOR GUIDE.

There you are. Three dungeon guides, I know they may seem a little in-depth, but the bosses are easy enough. Lather, rinse, and repeat and you'll be on your way to the 1000 point Valor cap. 

On a Closing Note, the Guild I'm in, Goblin Nabob, is currently not raiding due to reasons I will not explain; I am looking to find a raid group I can run with on a casual or scheduled basis. Just putting that out there for anyone on Stormscale (server) reading this. Death Knight, character name: Nerrectuz, DPS spec is Frost, tank set Blood, and I am geared for LFR currently, but am willing to jump in as soon as possible to do normals with a guild that needs the extra hand. Also am able to be on vent, just don't have a vent server of my own; yet.

Back in the Swing of Things


Just kidding around, no pizza here, but even better (or so I like to tell myself) is my return to World Of Warcraft and it's resident Stormscale DeathKnight, Nerrectuz. Once upon a time, long ago, I wrote blogs for my character and his actions in the MMO world(s). For a brief while I disappeared, busy with the real world life that grinds harder and much slower than Vanilla Classic leveling of 1 to 60.

With 2011 nearly over, I have been ushered by fellow co-workers to join the band wagon of such MMOs as RIFT, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and Lord of the Rings Online. I myself have gone back to World of Warcraft, with only a small absence from before Fire Lands patch and the new 4.3 Dragon Soul patch being missed. I couldn't resist the urge to slay somebody in death grip fashion.

A little about myself and my gaming experience. I go by Jay, and am an MMO enthusiast. I also play console games on PS3, and most of the time frequent trips to Friday Night Magic for Magic the Gathering TCG playing. My interests for gaming choice include fantasy, shooting, wrestling, sports, and strategy. First game I ever played was Duke Nukem on the PC, and from there the ball kept rolling.

Growing up, Final Fantasy has been a series I eagerly await releases for, and yes, FF VII is my favorite of the series. Since Warcraft I have been playing Blizzard games, and just finally playing Starcraft in 2008.  My favorite and most played is World of Warcraft, which I started playing a few months before the Burning Crusade expansion. Not until Wrath of the Lich King did I get into Raiding, mostly because of my PVP enjoyment.

PS3 Gamer Tag - KnotUrDay724

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If you are interested in doing a game, send me a message with "Blog Viewer" in it, and I will add you. I do use a Motorola BlueTooth for a microphone, and am not on all the time or for long periods of game play. However I do frequent these games throughout the week.

Tuesday through Thursday I am on World of Warcraft, server: Stormscale (PVP), only Horde characters: Nerrectuz (DK) and other characters, Tpayne (Shaman), Nerr (Warrior), Madcatz (Druid), Gainka (Priest), and GremlinPowa (Warlock). Feel free to whisper me.

More to come for upcoming blog posts.